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Our Services

Our integrative services use science-based, personalized care to address the root cause of health issues. We combine Naturopathy and Functional Medicine to empower clients with transformative lifestyle modalities, including yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition.

Traditional Naturopathy

Traditional Naturopathy promotes well-being with natural health modalities. Herbs, diet, exercise, rest, and more.

IREST Yoga Nidra

A guided meditation practice that promotes deep relaxation, stress relief, and improved mental health.


A yoga-based program that integrates the yoga with the 12-step recovery process to support addiction recovery.

Functional Medicine

An integrated approach to healthcare that addresses the root cause of disease and promote optimal health.

Energy Medicine

Includes Reiki, Chakra Balancing Sound Healing and more. On the quantum level, we are beings of pure energy.

Plant Medicine Coaching

Powerful interventions that offer unforgettable transformative experiences, often with lifelong beneficial effects.

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