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Practicing Yoga


Wisdom of Yoga combined the tools of the 12 Step Recovery

Y12SR “connects the dots” between the ancient wisdom of yoga, the practical tools of 12-step programs, and the latest research on trauma healing and neurobiology.

As part of a holistic recovery program, it works in tandem with traditional treatment to address the physical, mental and spiritual disease of addiction.


The program serves people recovering from all manifestations of addiction, from behavioral addictions to substance abuse – creating a safe place on the mat where trauma can be released. It also supports those who are impacted by a loved one’s addiction.


Weekly meetings led by certified Y12SR leaders are available in community settings across the United States. Y12SR is also offered as an adjunctive therapy in a growing number of addiction recovery treatment centers.

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery offers a rich and powerful framework for addiction recovery and relapse prevention.

Our history is rooted in the foundational principals of both traditional yoga, and 12-step programs.

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